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February 19, 2015

Colour pop Super Shock Shadow review



Firstly, I was soo excited to receive these Super Shock Shadows in the mail. They are all great quality, HIGHLY pigmented, and a cross between a shadow and a cream eye shadow as it feels like velvet to the touch. I think these shadows play games with your mind as they might look like one color but then you see other colors secretly appearing. The packaging is also very amazing and each order comes with a handwritten note, which I really enjoyed. The instructions stated that you should seal the shadows tightly to maintain the vibrancy of the shadow. They retail for about $5 (USD) each, which is amazing and can be found on (all photos are taken with flash)

1. Get Lucky

This color is my favorite out of all the colors, if I can even choose. It is just your classical gold shadow with such a bold metallic sparkle. I feel like this would be my go-to color for day and night wear.


2. Drift

This is just the most beautiful shade of garnet I have ever seen. This shadow has hints of black as well as some purple and pink, which combines to make it such an amazing eye look mostly for nighttime.

2015-02-19 07.54.11

3. So Quiche

Wow. Words cannot even express the amazingness of this shadow. It is can look like a bronze metallic shadow at first, but watching it closely, you notice the purple and pink specs that are dispersed throughout this shadow, all blended together to make this amazing color. It adds this futuristic touch to the eye and can be used to pop any makeup look.

2015-02-19 07.56.20

 4. Hammered

This shadow is a combination between bronze and gold and can be used as the perfect lid color. It has hints of pewter and olive green, bronze and gold specs throughout the shadow. It is really perfect for a night look coupled with a black or gold dress.

2015-02-19 07.57.56

 5. Roulette

This eyeshadow is beyond pigmented. If you think you like MAC Carbon, this eye shadow will have you second-guessing. Due to intensity of this black, it almost tricks your eye into thinking there are hints of navy in there. It is soo highly pigmented and such a deep black matte color, it only screams of one thing—the perfect smokey eye. This also would be a great outter V shadow, but a little will go a long way.

2015-02-19 08.00.10

6. Dare

I can understand where this shadow gets it name, as it is a bold and daring purple. With hints of pink within the vibrant purple, but you have to be careful with the execution of this color. This color reminds me of disco lights, but I dare you to wear it.

2015-02-19 07.55.32

 7. Envy

This super dark color is a combination of a black matte and pink and purple fairy dust. It is the perfect medium between Roulette and Dare, and because of its super black base, it would be suitable for nighttime glamour.

2015-02-19 07.59.11

 8. LA LA

I absolutely adore this rose gold color, as it is high intensity and can pop any eye look. It reminds me of melted jewelry in a pot and I can see myself using this everyday, especially in the inner corners of the eye.

2015-02-19 07.53.14


Which ones are you fav?



February 6, 2015


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Blackheads can be so annoying, especially when you’re about to put makeup on or you’ve just washed your face and they’re just staring at you. Here’s my DIY face mask that will clean your pores and get rid of those pesky blackheads. You’ll need:

– 1 egg (white)

– toilet paper

– old foundation brush (optional)

Step 1: Separate the yolk from the whites, and put egg white in a bowl.

Step 2: Beat white with fork until they become frothy (pictured).

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Step 3: Tear up some 2-ply toilet paper and place it in the bowl with beaten egg white.

Step 4: Saturate the toilet paper with egg whites and then apply to your face using an old foundation brush, or even CLEAN dry hands.

Step 5: Allow to harden on your face for about 15-20 mins, then peel off or remove with warm water.

This mask is sure to remove all your blackheads while leave your face feeling smooth, firm, and clean. You can use this mask once a week for a month and you’ll see results.

Fun Fact: Blackheads form when a clog develops in the opening of hair follicles in your skin. Dead skin cells and oils collect in the opening to the skin follicle, producing a bump.

In addition to this mask, you want to make sure you are cleaning your makeup off properly and washing your face everyday with some kind of cleanser to remove dirt and oils off of your face.

Comment below if you’ve tried this mask or know of anything else that works.



February 2, 2015

How to breakup and stay up

It has taken me sometime to publicly share about my breakup but my fingers couldn’t seem to get past the pain in my heart. In the last two years, I became very familiar with feelings of hurt, despair, and brokenness. I had broken up with my [then] boyfriend of four years. He had been apart of me so long, that I didn’t know how to live or be social without him. This is not a rant about what happened and the details of that, so if you came here for that, you can X out of this post now (sowwieeee). This is a post for everyone that has felt hurt, or is still feeling hurt from a breakup. Along my journey of healing, I noted some pointers that I wanted to tell myself, after I was myself again. I hope it helps you like it did to me.

1. God’s Word

Seeing what God had to say about my situation gave me great peace in the middle of a crisis. He showed me that I was not alone, and that he also knows what it’s like to feel abandoned and unloved. After all, He’s been through all of those emotions. Four scriptures that comforted me were:

“…for I myself will help you, DECLARES The Lord.” – Isaiah 41:9-14

“…I DECLARE that I will give you double for your trouble…I am a prisoner of hope…” – Zechariah 9:12

“My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life.” – Psalm 199:50

“I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born.” – Isaiah 66:9

2. Make a ‘breakup but stay up’ playlist

Its not the same as saying let me just listen to some “positive” music that will make me feel better about myself and love songs that will say I’m right and the other person is wrong! It’s listening to music that edifies something wayyy deeper, your spirit and soul. If your spirit is glad, you wouldn’t have to force yourself to be happy. This is the great part about God, He ministers to every need we will ever have. Surround yourself with music that will minister to your spirit and soul. These are my top favs:

– Stronger by Mandisa

– Overcomer by Mandisa

– Good morning by Mandisa

– Its a beautiful day by Jamie Grace

–  Gold by Britt Nicole 

– Write Your Story by Francesa Battistelli 

– He said by Group 1 Crew

3. Talking out loud

“One good friend is better than 100 adversaries.”

Find someone that you can talk to, but make sure they’re trust-worthy, you don’t need a bunch of handshakes from the fakes, especially at this time. Just vent to them and if they’re a good person, they won’t judge you for whatever you say. Say how you truly feel, when you’re ready of course. Don’t keep all your emotions bottled up on the inside. That’s worse, because one day it will all leak out and it might not be pretty. I had the hardest time with this one, because there was not many people I could trust at that time, but all you need is one good friend or family member that will sit down and listen to you say the same things over and over, and then over again another day.

4. Patience

Let yourself heal, there’s no time-limit on how long a person must heal after they’ve gone through a break-up. Its been almost two years, and I’m still healing. I’m not where I want to be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be. If you’re accustomed driving in the fast-lane of life, this will be a tough one. I became so impatient with myself, because I thought I should be over it by now. It’s okay!! Let God and time heal every last wound, after all, you were attached to this person for so long. You got all your feelings vested in them, you did things together, you texted or called each other every day, their friends were your friends, you created a soul-tie, and those things are hard to break. How long after a breakup should you get in another relationship? Well my dear, thats up to you and God. There’s no time-limit and God is more interested in the process than end result. However, don’t linger on it for too long, you’ve got your life to live!

5. Use the hurt for good

Don’t let this experience just go to waste, use it to create something new. During my challenging moments, I needed an avenue to do something I really enjoyed. I loved makeup, beauty, healthy eating, going to the gym, and blogging, thus That Khadine Project was born. It was like a breath of fresh air, it took me away from my problems, and it refocused my energy and time. I’m not saying to get busy and ignore the problems, but find something you love to do, which will help you heal. Now is the time to do YOU, and focus on making YOURSELF whole again. So when the next person comes around, and trust me they will, you won’t carry the pain of your past into another relationship.

6. Rebounds

BE VERY CAREFUL OF THE REBOUNDS! They lurk all over, in different shapes and forms. The convo usually starts off like, “Girl, I know how you feel. Give me your number so we can talk about it, I’m here for you….” R-U-N!!! You’re vulnerable at this point, remember that. You don’t want any “shoulders” to cry on that will turn around and ask you for your number. It’s not going to work because you’re not a whole yet, and they’re just taking advantage of that. Be free from any potential “relationship lurkers.” Boo bye.

7. Dear diary…

Get a diary, a blog, paint, draw, anything… Document your journey, and you can use it to help someone else in the future. I was re-reading my journal before writing this post, and I almost sound bipolar. “Dear diary, today I literally broke down crying…” ” Dear diary, I am so thankful, something amazing happened today…” “Dear diary, I’ve been feeling so peaceful and happy these past couple days..” “Dear diary, I’m so sad…” I look back on all what I’ve wrote, and I’m able to help others going through similar situations. Sometimes we heal so much, that we forget what it felt like. It’s good to also vent through writing if you have no one to talk to at the time. Just journal how you really feel everyday, and you’d be amazed to look back on your progress.

8. Closure

Bring the relationship to an end, mentally and physically. Go get your stuff from his/her house, take down all your pictures on Facebook (that’s why you shouldn’t have your business out there in the first place, I digress…), get rid of all the things that reopen memories, and would hinder the healing process. And tell yourself let it go…Trust God, He knows what He’s doing. I never got closure, but I created my own by telling myself I need to trust God even when I can’t see what He’s doing. God knows your future, He sees things you won’t. LET IT GO! He/She doesn’t want to talk about the situation….let it go. Close the chapter in your mind, and allow God to write another.

Final thoughts:

It’s hard to say all men are dogs, because women break men’s heart too. Everyone goes through breakups, its actually a part of life. The feelings of hurt and hopelessness will come. You’d feel like all the air and life was sucked out of you, especially if it ended badly. You will feel rejected or disappointed, you might even doubt your self-worth. But listen honey, no one is worth hurting yourself. God has a great plan in store for you, (“For I know the plans I have for you, declares The Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future,” Jeremiah 29:11). God didn’t just make you so you can look pretty, go to school or work, eat and die. He has destiny and purpose for your life. He cheated on you, she cheated on you, lovers become strangers….but God owns the skies and still want your heart. You can make it on broken pieces, I did. Remember this, “All that left me couldn’t stay, and all that stayed couldn’t leave.” I love you and God loves you and you’re not alone.