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January 18, 2016



My life is a constant struggle between wanting to eat healthily and loving coffee. While coffee in itself isn’t so bad, I love all the different flavors like French Vanilla and Hazelnut etc. which can rack up the sugars and are filled with so many chemicals. So I wanted to come up with my own healthy version so I can drink my coffee guilt-free. By the way, what makes French Vanilla, french? Oh’s what you’ll need:


1 c Coconut Milk/Almond milk

½ c Coconut sugar

2 tbsp water

2 tsp Vanilla Extract


  1. Add sugar and water to a pan and stir until all the sugar dissolves.
  2. Whisk in Coconut Milk into the sugar mixture and stir quickly until it turns a light brown/golden color.
  3. Let it come up to a boil for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Set aside and add vanilla.
  5. Allow to cool and then transfer to your mason jar and serve with coffee of your choice.

½ cup of Creamer = 72 calories (avg) using Trader Joes Organic Coconut Sugar

Want more “guilt-free” recipes? Let me know in the comments below.



October 17, 2015

Recipe: Healthy Hot Chocolate


Processed with VSCOcam with p4 preset

Possible? YASSSS! I don’t know about you but I get excited every time I see healthy and my favorite unhealthy foods in one sentence. Here’s the recipe:

  • 2 c almond milk (milk of choice)
  • 2 tbsp cacao powder
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • pinch sea salt

Combine milk and other ingredients into a sauce pan or pot until hot. Keep stirring all the ingredients so that everything is properly blended. Pure into tea cup and top with cinnamon. ENJOY!

If you tried this recipe or want me to make more “healthy junk food” recipes, please let me know in the comments below.



September 15, 2015



You ever felt like you shouldn’t eat junk food again but then “lady time” comes around and your hormones starts to run amok? Oh, maybe thats just me 🙂 If this is you though and you want to still eat healthy even when you’re craving junk, then this recipe is for you.

I have been addicted to McDonald’s French Fries for some weeks now (I know, I’ve been a bad girl). So to help me recover from this addiction, I’ve decided to make a healthy version of French Fries. I had some tofu in the fridge, thus…TOFU FRIES. Now, don’t judge it before you try it, it’s really delicious, even if you’re not a tofu lover. You can also substitute tofu for sweet potatoes, carrots, zucchini, cauliflower, mushrooms, pretty much anything that you can fry really.  Here’s what you’ll need:

〉 1 package Extra Firm Tofu packed in water

〉 coconut/olive oil for frying (you can also bake these)

〉 1 tbsp sea salt

〉 2 tbsp ground black pepper

〉 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

〉 1/4 tsp garlic (finely chopped)

〉 1 c Panko breadcrumbs (or homemade breadcrumbs or flour) 

〉 1 egg, lightly beaten (VEGAN OPTION FOR EGG WASH- water and baking soda mixture, beer or sparkling water)


  1. Prepare a plate lined with a couple layers of paper towels/napkin to absorb moisture from the tofu.
  2. Take tofu out of the packaging and rest on the plate you’ve prepared with paper towel.
  3. Place more paper towels over the tofu and set another plate on top of it to draw the moisture out. Leave for 15-20 mins until most of the moisture is absorbed by the paper towel.
  4. Heat frying pan on a medium heat and coat pan with a generous amount of oil for frying. NB. You can also bake these for an even healthier option. Preheat oven at 375°.
  5. Prepare another plate to drain off the tofu fries when they are finished.
  6. After the majority of water is absorbed, remove tofu from the plate. On a cutting board, cut it into “fries” about 1/2″ thick (or however you want your fries really).


7. In a medium bowl, combine salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic and egg (or egg substitute). Then, in a plate, add breadcrumbs.

8. Form an “assembly line” with egg mixture first then breadcrumbs.

9. Dip the tofu into the egg mixture and then into the breadcrumbs and place in fryer. Keep turning the fries in the pan until all the sides are golden brown. Repeat this process until all the tofu is fried.

10. Allow to cool, and enjoy with your favorite sauce (Sriracha & ketchup is my fav)

Take care of your body and your body will take care of you.



August 10, 2015

Healthy Protein Tri-Berry muffins


Muffins is one of those versatile foods that save you time and money. I packed these with antioxidants (berries) and protein so it keeps you full longer. These are soooo delicious, I have literally made them once a week for the last three weeks. The best part about these muffins is that you can personalize them, its healthy and you can have them anytime of the day you like. When these babies are in the oven, your kitchen will smell divine.

I’m really excited for this recipe, can you tell 🙂 Here’s what you’ll need:

Serves 12

MACROS per muffin: 64 cals | 6g carbs | 3g fat | 4g protein

Adapted from The Barefoot Contessa

〉 1½ cups all-purpose flour (I use oat flour, but any flour of your choice)
〉 1½ tsp. baking powder (I use Clabber Girl gluten free baking powder)
〉 ¼ tsp. baking soda
〉 ¼ tsp. sea salt
〉 1 tsp. ground cinnamon
〉 ½ cup brown organic sugar (or honey/agave/maple syrup)

〉 1 cup mixed berries (fresh or frozen)

〉 1 scoop Shredz Protein- Blueberry Muffin (or any vanilla protein powder)*

〉 ¾ cup Almond milk
〉 1 egg
〉 1 stick unsalted butter, melted
〉 1 tsp. vanilla extract

Feel free to add pecans, walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, or a ripe banana as well. 

1. Preheat oven to 375ºF.

2. Place muffin liners in tray or coat try with any cooking spray.

3. Sift flour or blend oats to make oat flour. Add protein powder, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon and sugar together to flour in a large bowl. Stir with a whisk to combine.

4. In another bowl, combine the milk, lightly beaten eggs, butter and vanilla.

5. Add the wet ingredients to the dry, and stir until combined. Don’t over mix the batter. Fold in the blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.

6. Spoon batter into the muffin cups. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until a cake tester comes out clean and the tops are nicely browned.

N.B. If you are using frozen berries, make sure not to thaw the berries. If its hard to break apart, allow to defrost for a couple minutes but not all the way through. Don’t let too much of the liquid from the berries to get into the batter.

If you tried this recipe, snap a pic with #thatkhadineproject. I love hearing from you.





May 29, 2015


Happy Friday! We all know how crazy the weekend can get, and in the middle of all these social events, we still got to find a way to stay healthy. Here’s my easy no bake protein bar recipe that is not only sweet and delicious, but its healthy too. Its full of protein so it will keep you full for a longer time and the best part is that you can feel free to make it your own and it doesn’t require any baking or culinary experience. Here’s what you’ll need:

IMG_5525– 1 ½ c oats

– 1 scoop Muscle Pharm Chocolate Peanut Butter protein powder (protein of choice)

– 1 dash cinnamon 

– ½ almonds

– ½ c dried cranberries 

– ½ c vanilla extract

– ¼ c honey 

– ½ c peanut butter 

– ¼ c almond milk (milk of choice)

– ¼ c dark chocolate chips (optional)

–  ¼ c shredded coconut (optional)

MACROS: (per bar) CARBS: 25g | FAT: 8g | PROTEIN: 9g


1. Mix oats, protein powder, cinnamon, almonds, cranberries and shredded coconut together in a bowl.

2. Mix in a separate bowl, vanilla extract, honey, peanut butter, milk and chocolate chips.

3. Put bowl with vanilla and honey in the microwave for 1-2 minutes.

4. Then combine wet ingredients with dry and pour into a square dish lined with wax paper.

5. Place in fridge for 4-8 hours and slice into small bars. It makes about 6-8 bars.

If you tried this recipe, send me a picture with the #thatkhadineproject



March 6, 2015


Well this recipe had me at healthy and red velvet. Gosh, if its any dessert that I won’t mind indulging in on a regular is Red Velvet cupcakes. Its so moist and melts in your mouth, I’m drooling already. So I looked up a typical Red Velvet cupcake and “healthified” it. Here’s what you’ll need:

◊ 2 large beetsIMG_2750

◊ 1/2 c flour

◊ 2 eggs

◊ 1 tbsp vanilla extract

◊ ½ tbsp cinnamon 

◊ pinch of sea salt

 ◊ 2 tbsp cacao powder (or cocoa powder)

◊ 3 tbsp olive oil (healthy oil of choice; coconut, avocado, grapeseed or melted butter)

◊ ¼ cup honey (or pure maple syrup)

◊ 1 tsp baking powder (or ¼ tsp baking soda)

◊ nuts/berries/unsweetened chocolate chips (optional)

1. Preheat oven to 320ºF.

2. Peel beet root and place in foil to bake for 20 minutes.

3. While beet is baking, combine eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, cacao, honey, oil and baking powder into a large bowl.

4. After beets have baked, they should be soft. Place beets in a food processor or blender to get a puree.

5. Add pureed beets to mixture and spoon into paper lined cupcake or small muffin tins.

6. Bake for 45-50 minutes until cooked thoroughly.

7. Remove from oven and cool completely in muffin tins.

8. Serve alone or with cream cheese frosting (9 0z soft cream cheese, lemon zest and juice, vanilla, honey to taste. Beat until creamy and voila), or I like greek yogurt as a frosting as well.

I always love hearing from you, so be sure to comment below if you’ve enjoyed this recipe.



March 5, 2015

Banana Bread in a Mug (Vegan)

This has to be one of the most ingenious life hacks I’ve ever seen. Its super fast and simple, but it looks like you’ve spent all day in the kitchen. It’s super fulfilling and you can adapt this recipe any which way you’d like. I have had this for breakfast, but you can eat this as a snack or at any point in the day really. Here’s what you’ll need:

IMG_2746SERVINGS: 4   |   TIME: 10-15 minutes 

◊ 3 tbsp oat flour (blend dry oats to get oat flour or use flour of your choice)

◊ 2 tbsp coconut sugar (or brown sugar)

◊ 1 mashed banana

◊ ¼ tsp vanilla extract

◊ ¼ tsp baking powder

◊ dash of sea salt

1. Spray mug or microwavable cup with cooking spray.

2. In a bowl or right in the mug, mix all ingredients together.

3.  Place in microwave for 90 seconds or 3 minutes and check for amazingness.

If you try out this recipe, I would love to hear from you in the comments below. ♥



March 4, 2015

Cauliflower pizza crust

The best part about this recipe is that it tastes great, its super inexpensive to make and you can eat the whole thing without feeling bad, that’s the luxuries of healthy eating! Here’s what you’ll knead (get it?):


– 1 large head Cauliflower

– 1 large egg

– 1 c. shredded mozzarella cheese/ parmesan cheese

– 1 tsp. oregano

– 1/2 tsp. basil 

– 1 c. almond meal (or flour) 

– salt and pepper to taste

– tomato paste/pasta sauce 

– toppings of choice

1. Shred the head of cauliflower with a grater or food processor.

2. Once the cauliflower is shredded, place in a bowl and microwave for about 8 minutes or at least until its soft. Set aside to cool.

3.  Preheat oven to 45o° and lightly spray baking sheet/pizza pan with cooking spray.

4. Combine cauliflower, eggs, oregano, basil, almond meal/flour, salt, pepper, and cheese in a separate bowl.

5. Pour mixture onto baking sheet and press into a round crust, lightly spray with cooking spray.

6. Place crust in oven for 15 minutes or until crust has become golden.

7. Take out and place tomato sauce over it as well as toppings of your choice and put back into the oven until everything is cooked.

This recipe was inspired by my good friend Jessica, check out her Instagram for more Paleo/Food prep ideas



March 3, 2015

“Cheezey” Garlic Kale Chips

These chips are the perfect snack for after lunch, after dinner, heck! anytime you want! They’re healthy and delicious so there’s no guilt in eating more than one. You’ll need:


2015-03-14 12.59.23

– 2-3 bunches kale

– 2 tbsp nutritional yeast (or any cheese of choice)

– 1/2 tsp of olive oil

– 1 finely chopped garlic clove

– sea salt (to taste)



Take the stems off of the kale, then tear the leaves into large pieces (ideally the size of your palm). Set leaves aside in a large bowl. Drizzle olive oil onto leaves, then add chopped garlic and salt. Toss in large bowl and then place on baking sheet and add nutritional yeast. Bake in the oven for 10-15 mins on the lowest heat.

NB. Kale gets crunchy really quickly under heat so keep an eye on these babies.



March 2, 2015

The Power Bar recipe

This recipe has all the ingredients to jumpstart your entire week. Post-workout, practice, work, or school, there’s no need to buy all those expensive protein bars- just make your own! Its makes 8 bars, its affordable and healthier of course! 😉 Feel free to make it your own, but this is what I use:

– 1/3 c. flax seeds, ground into flour

– 1/3 c. rolled oats, ground into flour 

– 1/4 c. pumpkin seeds

– 1/4 c. hemp seeds

– 1 c. dried shredded coconut 

– 1 1/4 c. pitted dates

– 2 tbsp. melted coconut oil

– 1 tsp. vanilla extract

Put everything into your food processor and process until it all sticks together. Add more dates or coconut oil if its too dry or crumbly. Press into any pan of your choice and set in the fridge for about 3 hours. Slice into bars and enjoy! Nom Nom 🙂