August 2, 2014

Coffee face mask- (Summer Skin Series)


coffee mask

Hey guys! This is the first post in my “Summer Skin Series.” I have been having issues with hyper pigmentation on my face especially. And as usual, I’ve been trying a couple things that have been helping to even my skin tone and give me that radiant summer glow. Stay tuned to find out what I use to achieve this in future posts. I have to give credit to my sister for this face mask, she swears by it so I thought I would give it a try…ITS AMAZING! 🙂 My skin was glowing the morning after, so I could imagine what constant use of this mask would do. This mask is great for dark circles as well as acne scaring. For best results, use this mask once to twice per week.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– 1 tbsp. coffee

– 1 tsp. coconut oil

– water

– honey (optional)

Mix coffee, honey and coconut oil together, then add water until the mask comes to a spreadable consistency. Apply to a clean dry face, preferably at night. Leave it on your face until the mask becomes hard and its difficult to smile. After it dries, rinse with warm water and follow up with your favorite moisturizer.

PROS: It clears skin. Makes your skin look radiant the next day. Smells great. Works after just one use.

CONS: A bit messy to apply and take off. Take a while to make as opposed to a store bought mask.

Additional info: Caffeine is good for reducing puffy eyes, reduces cellulite (temporarily), exfoliates dry skin, and makes skin smooth. It also reduces the accumulation of blood under your eyes, which contributes to dark shadows, thus helping hyper pigmentation and dark circles. 

As usual, please feel free to leave a response below if you have tried this mask or any other mask that helps with hyperpigmentation and dark circles.



6 thoughts on “Coffee face mask- (Summer Skin Series)

  1. Sareeta

    I have a question: So if you already have consistent acne and are not just dealing with scaring, does the coconut oil make it worst? (it being oil and all)

    1. Khadine Post author

      Coconut oil actually has anti fungal properties that would aid in combatting acne. Not all oils are the same though, coconut oil is the only oil I’d trust on my face.


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