February 19, 2015

Colour pop Super Shock Shadow review



Firstly, I was soo excited to receive these Super Shock Shadows in the mail. They are all great quality, HIGHLY pigmented, and a cross between a shadow and a cream eye shadow as it feels like velvet to the touch. I think these shadows play games with your mind as they might look like one color but then you see other colors secretly appearing. The packaging is also very amazing and each order comes with a handwritten note, which I really enjoyed. The instructions stated that you should seal the shadows tightly to maintain the vibrancy of the shadow. They retail for about $5 (USD) each, which is amazing and can be found on www.colourpop.com. (all photos are taken with flash)

1. Get Lucky

This color is my favorite out of all the colors, if I can even choose. It is just your classical gold shadow with such a bold metallic sparkle. I feel like this would be my go-to color for day and night wear.


2. Drift

This is just the most beautiful shade of garnet I have ever seen. This shadow has hints of black as well as some purple and pink, which combines to make it such an amazing eye look mostly for nighttime.

2015-02-19 07.54.11

3. So Quiche

Wow. Words cannot even express the amazingness of this shadow. It is can look like a bronze metallic shadow at first, but watching it closely, you notice the purple and pink specs that are dispersed throughout this shadow, all blended together to make this amazing color. It adds this futuristic touch to the eye and can be used to pop any makeup look.

2015-02-19 07.56.20

 4. Hammered

This shadow is a combination between bronze and gold and can be used as the perfect lid color. It has hints of pewter and olive green, bronze and gold specs throughout the shadow. It is really perfect for a night look coupled with a black or gold dress.

2015-02-19 07.57.56

 5. Roulette

This eyeshadow is beyond pigmented. If you think you like MAC Carbon, this eye shadow will have you second-guessing. Due to intensity of this black, it almost tricks your eye into thinking there are hints of navy in there. It is soo highly pigmented and such a deep black matte color, it only screams of one thing—the perfect smokey eye. This also would be a great outter V shadow, but a little will go a long way.

2015-02-19 08.00.10

6. Dare

I can understand where this shadow gets it name, as it is a bold and daring purple. With hints of pink within the vibrant purple, but you have to be careful with the execution of this color. This color reminds me of disco lights, but I dare you to wear it.

2015-02-19 07.55.32

 7. Envy

This super dark color is a combination of a black matte and pink and purple fairy dust. It is the perfect medium between Roulette and Dare, and because of its super black base, it would be suitable for nighttime glamour.

2015-02-19 07.59.11

 8. LA LA

I absolutely adore this rose gold color, as it is high intensity and can pop any eye look. It reminds me of melted jewelry in a pot and I can see myself using this everyday, especially in the inner corners of the eye.

2015-02-19 07.53.14


Which ones are you fav?



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