June 21, 2015

How to always be on time



So we all know the struggle of getting ready and out the door yet making it to work or school on time. I know for me, every morning is a struggle so I came up with some tips and tricks to help you always be on time and make your mornings a little less stressful.

1. Set alarms to help you stay on track

We all know how quickly time goes in the morning. You think you have an hour and then after making breakfast, its like you have 10 minutes left. So, set an alarm for the time you should be leaving the house and then another at midpoint to that time so that you would know how much time you have left. So basically its like three alarms; 1) to wake up, 2) midpoint to leaving the house and 3) the time you should be leaving the house. I know its a lot but it has helped me stay on track and thus, you’d always be on time.

2. Meal prep

Meal prep is so crucial not only because you want to be healthy but it can help you save money and time as well. There are several options for meal prep, you can choose to prep on Sunday for the week or every night for the following day, whichever is more convenient for you. You can even do both Sunday and midway through the week. Its up to you.

My favorite food thats healthy and on-the-go is shakes. I make a lot of protein shakes especially and its so simple and quick and its healthy and makes you feel satisfied. My favorite recipe is to throw some milk (almond), 1 scoop of protein powder and some almond or peanut butter in a cup and shake it and there you go. You have a great meal that will keep you till about 10am or even lunch time.

Another great option is salad in a jar, you can chop up vegetables of your choice, toss it in a jar with some salad dressing and you’re out the door. Some other convenient options include: frozen vegetables, salmon burgers, or even boiled eggs which you can leave to boil on a medium to low heat as you are getting ready. Try investing in a pill organizer or just any container for vitamins and pack them with your multi vitamins or supplements, leave it in your bag so you won’t forget to take them.

3. Clothes prep

As we all know ladies, it can take forever to find something to wear on mornings. And when you’re hustling to get out the door, finding an outfit is the last thing you need to be doing. I think I spend the longest time trying to choose what to wear and if I prepared what I was wearing from the night before or even the Sunday before (ambitious much?) when I’m doing meal prep, that would eliminate the time wasted in the morning trying to find matching pants or shirt.

TIP: Invest in dresses for work as it is the easiest outfit to put together, keep it professional of course 🙂 

4. FIVE minute Makeup routine

Now, I know you might be saying, “girl, I don’t have time to do my makeup in the morning.” And I’ve been there, I don’t have much time myself. However, what if I told you that you can still have that Kim K glow and be on time for work? So firstly, you need to watch your face, do it right now…I’ll give you a minute. Okay, minute over. See what is important for you to do. For me, I need to hide my under eye circles and my eyebrows is a must. There are some key steps that we cannot afford to skip no matter what the occasion. Our eye brows frame our face, it can make you look like you put in all this effort and you really didn’t. So for me, I focus on hiding my under eye circles and doing my eye brows. I can afford to skip foundation, eyeshadow, and winged liner. So it takes me little to no time to put my peach corrector on my dark spots and then dab some concealer over it, blend and the skin is done. I fill in my eyebrows with eyebrow powder and then fill the gaps with a pencil and that’s done. I pop on mascara and I can put my lipstick on in the car. And that’s that. Ten minutes max. There’s no need to be extra with your makeup, keep it fresh and simple.

TIP: If you can’t seem to get this in 10 or so minutes, pack a makeup bag and do your makeup at work.

5. Hair routine

If you have curly hair or unmanageable hair then this step is for you. The key to getting your hair done quickly on mornings is prep. I wear the same styles to work every day, I keep it professional yet stylish. I do a top knot almost every day and before bed, I would make sure to style it in the way I would for the next day so in the morning all I have to do is brush or refresh the curls and I’m out the door.

TIP: You can also try styling your hair and then putting a satin bonnet or wrap over it the night before. 

The key to being on time is prep and keeping your routine short, simple yet effective.

I hope these tips help you to be on time and ease your morning routines whether you are a homemaker or a professional.



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