January 28, 2015

Make-up kit must haves in 2015 (Basics edition)


Even if you’re not a pro makeup artist, and you’re just starting to get the hang of this whole “makeup thing,” then this post is for you. When starting your makeup kit you want to look for beauty items that are easy to work with, economical, and versatile. Here are the makeup items every woman needs to add to her kit in 2015:


laura mercier

My recommendation: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer/ Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream

Find yourself a good BB cream that works for your skin type and add it to your makeup kit. BB creams work well on any skin type especially if you’re not a pro at blending foundation.

BB cream is easier to use than foundation, and its pretty easy to blend. You can rub it in with your hands alone, which is almost like you’re applying lotion to your face. Some BB creams even have SPF and are waterproof which is good for just a little extra coverage if you’re going to the beach/outdoors. [It] also has buildable coverage, which means, if one day you want some extra glam, just add two layers of BB cream and it will almost give you a full coverage foundation effect. Overall, I love BB creams  because they are versatile and is a must-have for every beginner makeup kit.


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♥ My recommendation: MAC lipstick in Twig/Amorous 

You want to have an “Everyday” lipstick in your makeup kit. One that you can rock to work or school and that is glam enough to wear to a wedding or function. For me, MAC lipstick in Twig or Amorous gives me that versatility. Find a nude color that compliments your skin tone, one that you can blend into any outfit or any eye look. Some nudes are too pale on certain skin tones, and others are too dark. Find one that it looks like you’re wearing lipstick but not really. (Click here to see my fav MAC lipsticks right now)


oil saps

My recommendation: Clean & Clear Hello Kitty Oil Absorbing sheets

Blotting paper is another make-up kit essential, especially if you have oily or combination skin. These ones particularly by Clean & Clear does a really good job at absorbing all the excess oil throughout the day. They lightweight, so its good to throw in your kit or even your purse and just whip it out whenever you need a touch-up.


My recommendation: ELF Powder brushReal Techniques Buffing brush

(Click the name to see where to buy it) When it comes to choosing a brush that you must put in your kit, these are by far my favorite brushes because of their versatility. I am not the kind of girl to have a hundred types of brushes in my bag, but I will have one that does practically everything. These brushes are by far my most used brushes as the shape of the brush allows it to apply foundation, apply blush, concealer, setting powder.. anything you want, a flat top kabuki/buffing brush can do.

5. MASCARA (mini)


♥ My recommendation: Too Faced Better than Sex mascara (mini)

Mascara is a beauty essential as it can add dimension to any eye look, whether night or day, work or school. It makes the eye pop, and it can do things to your face that no other beauty item can do. I carry around a mini mascara in my makeup kit, mostly because of the size. This mascara in particular is great for top and bottom lashes, and with just one coat you can see great results, so theres no need to take around 100 mascaras, this one does the trick. It saves time, money and space in your kit.


♥ My recommendation: EOS lip balm

Lip balm is definitely a must-have, for obvious reasons. You want to find a lip balm that is free of harmful chemicals, but moisturizing to your lips. EOS lip balm is particularly my fav, because its a Shea butter base, which is really moisturizing and doesn’t have all that harmful chemicals they put in makeup. You always want to make sure that your lips are well-moisutized, especially before applying lipstick.


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♥ My recommendation: Wet n’Wild Trio- Walking on Eggshells

There are tons of neutral palettes out there, but this one has always been my favorite. I can’t get over how cute it is firstly, it fits in almost everything. The range of colors is really good because it has a champagne color (base), a darker color (crease), and a pearl color (highlight). This palette is very versatile and is good for any occasion. You can even double up and use the pearl color to highlight your face and the darker color to fill in your eyebrows. It even comes with a double-sided applicator, which is good for any beginner.


♥ My recommendation: ELF High Definition Powder

This is by far my favorite all round setting powder. The versatility of this product is incomparable. I use it to set my under eye concealer as well as to set my foundation. I add a little to my eye lids, even if I haven’t applied primer, and it works just as efficient. It holds your makeup in place and it works well with oily/combo skin types as it takes away the shine. It doesn’t add color to your face, so it just sets and mattifies the foundation or whatever you’ve applied to your face.


elf blush

♥ My recommendation: ELF Shimmer sheets

Blush sheets are more convenient than taking around a blush palette or a blushing powder. The sheets won’t break and mess up your purse, its handy so you can just throw in your purse without having to find a blush brush. Its compact and easy to use as you can just swipe it on your cheek and head out the door. You can even use it as a eye shadow if you wanted to. All round, the ease of this product over a blush powder makes it a beauty item that every woman should have in her kit.



♥ My recommendation: ELF Brow Kit

Beauty items such as these are versatile and easy to use. It comes with an easy to use applicator, which makes filling your brows a breeze. There is a gel and a powder, and it comes in different shades. You can sculpt your brows using the gel first, then you set them in place with the powder. This retails for about $3-5USD which is actually quite a steal. If you’re just getting started with shaping and filling your brows, then this is the perfect starter kit.

What are some of your beauty items that would make it to this list?


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