June 21, 2014

My top 5 uses for Coconut Oil



I have traveled a lot which forced me to take only a few beauty items with me. Thus, I choose products that were multi-purpose and coconut oil is definitely one of them. Coconut oil is very popular in Trinidad and is well known for its moisturizing properties on the skin as well as hair. As a result, it promotes rapid hair growth and can reduce a myriad of skin problems. Coconut oil can cost between $5-$10 (USD) and is very handy for you beauts on a budget. I use the Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil. Here are my top 5 uses for coconut oil.

  1. Hair mask- I often apply some coconut oil on the ends of my hair as well on my roots. You can scoop some out, warm it up in your hands, and apply it directly onto your hair or you can heat some up in the microwave for an easy and quick hot oil treatment. This will not only promote hair growth, but it will moisturize those strands, prevent breakage, and restore heat damage.
  2. Skin care- I have dry/normal skin and I have been looking for the perfect moisturizer especially for the winter. I have been using coconut oil on my face right after cleanse my face and it is sooo moisturizing without all those icky chemicals used in other mainstream moisturizers. It can also be used on acne-prone skin or to fade marks. I also rub coconut oil all over my body after I get out of the shower and its pretty amazing. The best part of coconut oil is that it can be used on babies as well. So instead of buying that expensive baby lotion, you can just use some coconut oil for the entire family. And with coconut oil anti-aging properties, it’s a two-for-one deal!
  3. Eye cream- I have tried the Clinique All About Eyes eye cream and it seemed to work pretty well. However, one jar is about $30 and I’m a beaut on a budget. #aintnobodygottimeforthat So, I’ve been using the coconut oil under my eyes just before bed and it works just as good for one sixth of the cost.
  4. Make-up remover- I literally wear five coats of mascara and I use coconut oil to remove all five coats. It removes all my eye makeup as well as adds moisture. It’s even great at removing waterproof makeup. Perfection!
  5. Health booster- I used coconut oil in my tea and I must say I have definitely felt the difference in my overall health. It is good for diabetics, improves weight loss and heart health, boosts immunity, aids in digestion, cures infections, and even cures migraines. It has a weird texture at first, because we’re not accustomed to drinking oily tea, but you get used to it.

What’s your favorite ways to use Coconut oil?


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