November 23, 2014

Top 5 Lipsticks for Tan/Deep skin tones


Its not very often we see lipsticks advertised on women with tan/deep skin tones . I know it has been hard for me to find lip colors that compliment my skin tone as you are not able to try on lip colors in the stores as you would other makeup. Having a tan skin tone can be a hit or miss especially when it comes to lip colors. Some colors can make us look like we used M&Ms on our lips as lipstick or make us look darker than we are. So I have complied a list of my top favs that would compliment any skin tone, but particulary, tan skin tones (yellow/orange undertones etc..) for you to try out.

1. MAC Lipstick- HEROINE

This lippie has gained popularity and has brought purple lipstick back to the forefront of any makeup look. Once a dreaded color, is now one of my favorite lip colors. Although HEROINE is a matte shade, is very moisturizing on the lips unlike some MAC matte colors. It can be paired with a simple eye look as HEROINE will steal the spotlight and can be used to jazz up any boring look. It is appropriate for both day and night time, however I use it mostly in the daytime. It is a versatile color but I don’t recommend wearing it in a professional environment (the fierceness will distract).



2. MAC Lipstick- TWIG

This lippie is by far MY FAVORITE color of all time. If you are looking for the perfect nude, then TWIG is where its at. TWIG  is timeless and is literally perfect with ANY look. You can wear it in the night or daytime, for work, church, casual looks, or even a very classy look. It is a satin color and is very creamy on your lips. I always wanted to wear a nude lip, but I could never find the right  shade for my skin tone until I found this color. It has pink undertones, which make it a great color for tan skin tones.


3. MAC lipstick- PINK PIGEON

Pink Pigeon is a seasonal lip color. I don’t wear it often, unless its the spring or summer time and I want a pick me up to my makeup look. It is a very delicate color and I usually pair it with a subtle gold or champagne eye look. I was looking for a bright pink color that would compliment my skin tone for some time now and then I came across this bad boy and I have to say this shade is amazing. This lipstick is very similar to Candy Yum Yum.

pink pigeon


4. NYC lipstick- MAHOGANY (320)

Every winter, dark lips are quite popular and I’ve been looking for a color that would compliment my skin tone without looking too black or vampy. I didn’t find a perfect shade at the time in a matte finish, but this shade has a satin finish and is very moisturizing. It would compliment any skin tone and can be used with a gold eye look for Christmas and especially New Years. Its not too loud and is subtle way of introducing a dark lip even if you’ve never worn it before. It is more of a wine color as opposed to black, which really works for tan skin tones as wines and burgundy shades compliment our skin tones. This color is definitely for a night time look, and or for a special occasion. It also stays on all night so its holiday approved. I would usually pair this lip with a gold dress or even a black dress. So if you’ve been looking for a dark lip color and don’t know which to get, this is a good option and its budget-friendly as well.

P.S click the link to buy NYC Mahogany on Amazon.



5. MAC lipstick- RUBY WooWoo

This is a lipstick that needs no introduction. It has been a classic red lip since the launch of the collection. As we are in the holiday spirit, this is a great lip color that can be paired with anything. It is a versatile lippie and is by far the best red lip to every grace earth. I’m in love with the texture of RUBY WOOWOO, even though it is a matte lip color its not that drying on the lip and wears for a long time. This makes this lipstick on of my all time favs. This collection came out last year and is back again this year (2014) in the Holiday collection under the Keepsakes/Red Lip Bag, also available in lipgloss and lip pencil. A great dupe for this color is Russian Red (MAC).

P.S click the link to buy Ruby WooWoo on Amazon.



Bonus: MAC SNOB + SOAR Lip pencil

This has been one of my top favorite lip combos. It is a great nude and a great substitute for TWIG. After trying SNOB on its own, I thought that it was too pale for my skin tone, so I just thought it would be a lipstick I wouldn’t use again. So I played around with it and used MAC lip pencil in SOAR and then filled in the rest of my lips with SNOB and I must say it is amazing. The lip pencil is a darker shade which cancels the lightness of SNOB. Its similar to TWIG but this combo has a more gradient effect due to the contrast of dark to light on the lip. If you have SNOB and don’t know how to wear it, maybe you think its too light, this is a lip combo you’d definitely want to try. It really compliments tan/darker skin tones.



If you try any of these lip colors or already in love with them, please comment below or send me a picture on instagram with the #thatkhadineproject I’d love to hear from you.



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